Forbidden Sight

Arushi Kumar

I saw people cheering and dancing in the hall when I heard my name “Ayesha, Come on. Let’s dance!” I looked at my friend Sana. She was having fun with the boys while trying to seduce her crush on the dance floor. I was sitting on the sofa and sipping down the glass of vodka. I looked at him and he was sitting across the hall on the sofa surrounded by his students as always. He has always been the sassiest professor in our college. Girls followed him around like a bee. While I also wanted to talk to him while flipping my hairs trying to woo him just like everyone else, I couldn’t let him get myself so easily. Being the sweet, studious, and innocent girl with the highest marks in the college, I couldn’t just go around and talk to him like every other girl. I had to be stiff with my mannerism but little did anyone knows that the desire of sucking his lips is driving my head crazy since I saw him the first time in college.
I stared at him and he was flirting around with everyone in the most innocent way. I was drinking my vodka way too faster than I have ever done.
“Sir, you had done this before in your college time. Really, I can’t believe this.” A girl said while putting her hand over his which was restfully placed on the sofa handle.
This infuriated me badly so I decided to join my friends on the floor with the biggest sip of vodka and placed the glass on the table placed in front of me. I started to dance with my friends and I was furious enough to do sexy hip movements while everyone more of a watching than dancing. I could see people around me were just swaying their bodies with their eyes fixed at my skinny white toned legs while I was twirling in my black mini skirt and a red cropped jacket with black crop top inside.
I was close enough to my girl dancing and having fun and I looked over my shoulders to the back and had a glimpse of him looking at me. I grinned and turned my face and again focused on dancing. When everyone was busy enough with each other, I paused dancing and threw myself on the sofa to catch some breath. I looked at my phone and there were missed calls from my father so I headed out to call him back. While heading out, I saw girls queuing up for the washroom at the right corner of the room. I tried to take a look on the sofa on the left where he was sitting but I couldn’t find him so I went outside to call.
“Hello, Dad. “ I said smilingly. “Yes, I am at the party. I’ll stay with Sana for the night.
Okay. Good night.” It was a quick call. I took a long breath. It was foggy enough to see my breath and I looked around and skipped my breath. He was standing close and staring at me, standing with the support of the fence with one hand on it. This was the first time that I actually saw his body so closely. His hairs were deep black, long, and wavy. He was wearing a grey long coat with a scarf around his unbuttoned shirt on the neck. He had a trimmed beard with pink color lips with a perfect shape of the face.
“You have a night curfew?” He asked with his small, almond-shaped eyes.
“No. No, he was just worried. I forgot to call him.” I stammered as my whole focus was on his lips. I wanted to kiss him right there. I opened my mouth a little as I can sense that he was looking at my eyes. I came a little close to his face and my heart started to pound heavily and just then, a girl came and hugged him “Hey. Where were you? We were looking for you.”
“I was just staring at the beauty of the night.” He smirked and went away. I pressed my lips hard and looked away.
I got away in his eyes so easily that I gave up myself. I needed to control it. He was the professor and I couldn’t risk my professional relationship with him. But the whole scenario has made me think hard what if he also wanted the same? I was close enough and he could have reacted in a different manner but instead he was right there looking at my face while I threw myself on to him. I was so busy thinking and the phone bell chimed.
“Can’t take my eyes off of you.” It flashed.
I was happy that I wasn’t the only one interested. I went inside the club and saw him standing with a group of girls. He looked and I went straightforward to Sana and my friends. I was not sure how to react around him but all I wanted to do was to kiss his lips while he touches me and hold my waist. But the way he was talking to others I couldn’t take it. He was showing as if nothing happened. ‘Although I know we couldn’t show this to anyone but a little distance would have been better’ I was talking to myself.
I couldn’t take it when he was around so many girls while all the time he used to chat with me on the phone. I went to the bar and drank in frustration a lot that I couldn’t bear it. In a few seconds I understood that it was a stupid move to do it. It only looked good when people do it in movies but in reality, it’s far more than stupidity. I couldn’t even get up and it was already the time of leaving. Apparently, Sana was also drunk, more than me and we couldn’t go on our own to her flat.
While everyone was busy sorting it out, he asked “If you guys have no problem then I can drop them on to their flat. Moreover, if something happened then your parents will kill me if they came to know that a professor was here and couldn’t take care of his students.”
Everybody agreed so we went into his car and I was awake enough to walk but could not say the same about Sana. We put her at the back and I sat in the front. He opened the door and sat on the driver’s seat. I looked at him. Our eyes met and I could see the want in his eyes but I was drunk enough to sleep.
Next thing I woke up when he was trying to open the seatbelt. I saw his face staring right back at me. I startled and he went back and said “Sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you. I was just trying to open the seatbelt.”
“It’s okay” I said while looking down at my seatbelt. I opened it and looked at the back. “She is in the house. I put her in.” I nodded my head and tried to come out of the car but was not in the position to move out.
“Wait. Let me help.” He put his hand around my waist and held my hand in his left hand. I gazed at his face while he closed the door of the car and took me to the flat. I saw Sana on the couch sleeping.
“I didn’t know which one is her room so I put her there?” He said hesitantly.
“That’s mine!” I pointed out to the front door and he helped me there.
“Where is the switch?” He asked.
I pointed to the bedside table lamp. He put me to the bed and switched it on. I saw his eyes in the dim-light lamp. I was sitting on the bed and he was just in front of me on his knees with one hand on the switch. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He came close to me and tucked my hairs behind my ear. He was so close that I could feel his breath on my face. At that moment, every cell of my body was so high to refuse his touch. I was staring at his lips while he touched my cheeks. I stared back into his eyes and he came a little bit closer to me and kissed me. I could feel his soft lips pressed over mine and his hands on my back. We smooched and he got up and pushed me onto the bed while kissing. I didn’t want to let go of the taste of his lips which was more of the whiskey it smelled.
He came over me and I saw into his eyes. I touched his face and pressed my lips with teeth. It felt like I could read his body where I touch it with my bare hands. The twitchiness in his body felt so real that I couldn’t stop myself to kiss him. So I kissed him again while his hands started to move down to my waist. I knew that I wanted it. I pushed him on the bed and went over him and started kissing him. He was rubbing my waist and I held his hands on the bed. He tried hard to touch me but I didn’t let go of his hands. I went down to his neck to kiss him. I opened his shirts button while his body was acting on the touch of my fingers. I sucked his chest and I could hear him moaning.
“Ayesha!” I heard the voice and I stopped kissing him and we looked at each other. I realized that Sana was calling my name so I went to the door and opened it half and asked “Yes, Sana. What happened?”
I was listening to her when he came from behind and started kissing my neck. I was startled. I looked at him.
“You are in the room. You okay?” She asked.
I reluctantly said “Yes, I am. Are you okay?” I could feel his breath all over my neck and it was turning me on. He pulled my jacket down and I held my head back and whispered to him “She is awake.” He held my hairs from his hand and came close to my ear and said “I know.” We smiled. His whispering just blew my mind away and now, it didn’t matter to me what Sana was saying. But what I could hear in the background was “Okay. I am going to bed. Good night.”
“Good night” I said in a very whispering manner. I closed the door in a very hasty manner and he turned me and pushed me back on the door. I kissed him as soon as the door was closed. I couldn’t stop myself. He lifted me and took me to bed. He put me there on my back and was kissing my body in his half-naked body with the shirt lying on the ground. He took off my crop top and slides the strap of my bra and kissed me on the shoulder. I looked at him and he was smiling and kissed my lips. His hand moved down to my skirt and he slid his hand into my skirt. I could feel him very well. His hand went under my panties and touched my clit and a chilled feeling went down my spine.
“Ahhh..” I moaned. He was rubbing my clit so softly and my mouth went dry. I opened my eyes and pulled his face down to kiss him.
His hands went further down to the vagina and I could feel that every part of my body was getting stiffed and his finger went in and I couldn’t bear it.
“Yes, yes. Please.” I gasped. I could feel that he was aroused.
He went down and pulled my skirt down and touched my vagina with his tongue. I felt so many sensations in my body which I might not know by myself. I couldn’t take it much so I held his hairs and pulled his face and kissed him. I unzipped his jeans and I could feel his organ getting stiffed and erected. I pulled his pants down and he put his organ in me and started thrusting me slowly.
“Yes” I said while I pressed my lips with my teeth. He kissed me and I could feel him getting hard in me.
“Please come in me” I whispered in his ears. He pulled my hairs back and started pushing more swiftly. Finally, I could feel the warmth in me as he groaned.
He threw himself beside me and we both were staring at each other’s eyes.
“I wanted you for a very long time.” He said smilingly.
“I know” I said calmly.


  • Amazingly written, keep writing your words and expressions are magnetic

  • Actual version of unique Love ❣️. Keep writing.

    Manish Upadhyay
  • This is so amazingly written😍
    Waiting for the more stories.❤

  • That’s so beautifully written❤

  • Wooow… Totally amazing… For a moment.. I forgot tht I was reading a story.. It all felt too real… Good work… A college version of a chapter of fifty shades of grey..

  • Amazingly written ! ❤

  • I’m in love with writer ❤️.

    Nisha Nandini

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