Fly with me!

Sharon Varghese

Oh my mother!
Listen to me once,
And just once more,
Don't leave me hither to go sour,
I have a dream where
I wanna fly,
Up high like an angel with sharp eyes,
Don't limit me or my dreams,
All I ask is to,
Let me fly!

Oh my mother!
Listen to my anklet bell's chime,
See how my feet dance to the beats.
I wanna play Juliet, Cleopatra and more,
And much more that comes my way,
Touch my heart and see,
How it jumps when I say these,
Let me dance, let me play!

Oh my mother!
You know how much I love rainbow,
So do I with the colors it emits,
No one chained Judith or Elisabeth,
Why are you?
Don't want any riches or fame,
Let me paint the world red and white,
Rich in love and peace, which has gone faint,
Just let me paint!

Oh my mother!
Why do you stop yourself and me?
Dream a dream with me,
And the million others like Jane,
My dreams were once yours too,
I know you still have it in you,
Let's break our chains and make our dreams,
Come let's fly together and see the sky unseen!

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