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Finding Home

Shreya Gupta

It was when you talked to me,
I realized how words could ignite my soul.


It was when you sat beside me,
I realized how your presence could fill the empty spaces within me.

It was when you sang my favorite song,
I realized how music could be our escape.

It was when you held my hand,
I realized how your touch could make things fall back into place.

It was when you ran your fingers through my hair,
I realized how you could compose melodies without guitar strings.

It was when you embraced me,
I realized how your arms could make the world seem safer.

It was when you made me laugh,
I realized how loving life wasn’t hard.

It was when you kissed me,
I realized how your taste in my mouth could leave me craving for more.

It was when you said that you loved me,
I realized how people could find home in a person;
like I did in you.


  • Thank you, Anubhav! I am glad you liked it.

    Shreya Gupta
  • Awesome piece of work Shreya!!!

    Anubhav Taneja
  • Thanks a lot, Vaibhav!

    Shreya Gupta
  • Congratulations first of all for the excellent work! I’m pretty sure you’ll only go up from here :)

  • Thanks a lot for your kind and uplifting words, guys.

    Muskan yes, first time. thank you. :)

    Shreya Gupta
  • Commendable effort , looking forward to read more of your work!

    Rishab Jain
  • An honest piece of writing, pure and fresh as the emotion of love.

    Shruti Gupta
  • This piece is beautiful ! Simple yet relatable.

    Vineet Avasthi
  • Beautiful it is

    Shubham Taneja
  • Wow this is really nice, I’m touched especially since it’s your first time. ?

    Muskan Sehrawat
  • This is absolutely beautiful! I’m looking forward to reading more of what you write.

    Vrinda Kabra

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