Feeding Fate

By Alex K.O

Whether it is in words or deeds,

A woman is a miracle and cure.

She breeds and feeds life with care,

When it forms and flows from womb to world.

Though, each and every journey begins with a fall,

And then a call- ‘Amma’.

Pain of fragile bones are healed by the divine touch,

Of her arms.

And she feeds by saying that ‘You have a long way to go,

And get the strength’.

That wasn’t just the food I consumed, it was her words,

Which helped me to stand on my feet and write these words.

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  • Dear Alex,
    The poem is really touching one. The mother takes a crucial role building up character and making hopes in a man. I see the “mother” is just an indicator in this stanza, “And she feeds by saying that You have a long way to go” is bitter experiences of a person to realize the realities of the world to go forwards with gaining strength. Best wishes

    Ajayan Idukki

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