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Sneha Sharma

I want it and I want it now,
For you to forget all courtesy,
The gentleman in you I know won't be pleased,
But let's play with fire, this bed, is our burning city.
The world might choke, crumble and dismantle,
but we would keep the curtains drawn, and in that hazy crimson hue,
I would shed inhibitions, along with my clothes.

Breathe into me, or take my breath away.
One, one more, and once again.
I read you like my favourite book,
You unfold me, ( planning a new trip to a new city)...
You unfold me... like A map,
Trace your finger on my spine,
While I go fishing for words in your caramel brown eyes,
Pluck those wildflowers growing on my collarbones
And yes! Yes You are allowed to leave kisses; kisses on my thighs.
Let's get feasting Darling,
Dig in, take a bite.
The appetizing kisses, the racing breath the occasional melody of our names,
followed by the entrée, to the sweet,
shivering, shaky, Gel-O dessert
I come undone, crumbling like a crumble cake,
break into pieces like beads of a necklace.

Let's rush this one, we shall savour the next,
stay, stay on my lips,
Stay in my eyes, Stay in my heart.
And stay in my arms, Stay in my art.


  • This read renders me breathless! Amazing!

    Mehul Rawat
  • Words 🌻 so beautifully written ❤

  • Aesthetic ♥️

  • Beautiful ❤❤❤

  • So beautifully described ! 🙌😘

    Aleena Scaria
  • Well written Sneha!😍

    Sharon Varghese

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