Falling in love

By Olivia Roy 

Tiptoeing into the hall of hushed whispers and stolen glances,
Where I see you moving with thoughtful steps,
Your hands caressing the coarse hardbacks as you stroll,
Giving the mighty one shelter between your palms,
Leaving a space to discover the face,
That has been smiling from the other side,
Tiptoeing with the rhythm of your advances,
I look away but my cheeks?
They fail to obscure the hue with which
You have beautifully stained my existence;
Your eyes turn restless,
Taking a dip into your patron's dimples ,
Restless to read the musings
That I hide within my eyelashes ,
And as you progress ,
Your words stifled with your breath ,
Harmonizing with the jitters that have been troubling me since,
The moment I entered this hall of hushed whispers and stolen glances !
And as you hand me the binding from your hands,
Love is forged ,
Through scented petals ,
And missives that chuckle between the pages...
Love is forged ,
Between the moments we wilfully drop the books,
To pick them together,
While the pair of amorous eyes swim into each other,
And the breeze that twirls around
This hall of hushed whispers and stolen glances,
Spread the sweet message I carried in my ankles while,
Tiptoeing into the hall of hushed whispers and stolen glances!


  • A beautiful feeling made even more beautiful by your art. The images screened before me as I read. Your words have tiptoed into the hall of my heart.
    I would love to read more of you. (would you share?)
    Keep writing, Olivia

    Radeesh Parameshwaran
  • You deserve a bow for this poem. It carried me to dreamland, where i could see a beautiful face and beauty of love…
    Enjoyed the piece..

    Jay Debnath
  • Just loved your piece.
    The poem is so rhythmic.
    Plus reading your poem it feels the scenery is floating in front of my eyes.
    So wonderful.

    Bishaldeep Kakati

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