Falling in Love

Janvi Singh

I adore falling in love with you a million times,
Whenever my mornings became more soothing,
Whenever my nights became more pleasant and dreamy,
Whenever the rain seemed more beautiful,
Whenever my thoughts ended up on you,
Whenever the nighty errand was to dream about you,
Whenever you were the reason of the brightest smile and the cheeks turing pink,
Whenever the sun along with the silent breeze blowing through my hairs threw me into the valley of miracles,
I was falling in love with you again and again.


  • Amazing ??

    Aachal Agarwal
  • It’s awesome dear??..

    Shruti shah
  • Sabaash! ❤

  • Thanks head boy(ayanava)
    Thanks for supporting me every time

    Janvi Singh
  • Was Greteful to be one of the persons to have read it first hand. Forget the haters,it is really really well written knew it was publish worthy from the first read onwards. Keep going and sail forward many more to come and a long way to go. Keep up the good work❤

  • Thanks jaskaran, much n much love!

    Janvi Singh
  • janvi singh ig going great girl wish to see uh on the top in future..and this was a beautiful poem over here..more nd more love!!!

  • Thankyou amandeep singh

    Janvi Singh
  • Relatable and well written . The feeling of love is been expressed well. Like to see further more Congo.

    Amandeep Singh
  • Thanks Aryan
    But I still prefer in this world hard words won’t impress alot but the simple and relatable words can express alot.

    Janvi Singh
  • Mind Falling in love with me even once? ?
    Anyway so well written, it would have been better if you would have used some deep words.
    I love it

  • Thanks ayush Raj singh

    Janvi Singh
  • Great writinh skills hope 4 more 2 come. My wishes are with u

    Ayush Raj Singh

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