Falling in love

By Adityaroop Pathak

The longing wind was taxed 
Sweating and sighing along
The sun and it's yearning rays
Cast upon the morning stage
And at noon and after, prying 
So eager 
The gregarious sparrow were chirpy 
With their little yet dispersed wings 
And they sang with eyes set low 
Scanning the crystal flow 
The foothills and horizon they scaled
But oh! Like the twilight sun they bailed 
Crawling back into their nest 
Tired wings went back to rest 
The sky then procreated 
A million inquisitive child 
That sparkled with curious glare 
And countless prodigal flair 
The night, it spent along 
With the scarred infant, that to the earth belonged
Together they hoed every corner of the sphere 
But the dawn hovered upon their fate 
Clocks and calendars turned their date 
Once again, another day 
Still unfound , undiscovered yet 
Eyes like her another 
Where all of the nature's charm combine 
A glance of her eyes and she was mine 


  • Great !!

    Kumar Gautam
  • Awesome
    Good going

    Kanhaiya pathak
  • Cheers @ Tanvi Nagar
    Sathwik ( a long long way to go man , a long long way to go )
    And Vikash Tiwari .

  • Nice one Adityaroopak Pathak. Captivating and enthralling…

    Tanvi Nagar
  • Nice..
    Keep up the good work..

    Vikash Tiwari
  • Its a really nice poem. Believe me you are the next Vikram Seth in making!

  • Its a really nice poem. Believe me you are the next Vikram Seth in making!

  • Good job

  • Thank you all for the appreciation . Means a lot . Also @ Aman Krishna I am sorry to say this but i don’t really recognise you . I am surprised to hear that you’ve missed reading my poems but if you want to read them text me on facebook (Aditya Pathak)

  • Amazing poem.I really liked your use of words. I have missed reading your poems and it feels great to be reading them again.

    Aman Krishna
  • fantastic

  • It’s is really awesome…

  • Absolute stunner!
    Majestic… Keep growing and going?

  • It is truly good. Nice use of words and such an elegant outline. Cheers.

  • Pure magic!

  • Really captivating and picturesque. ??

    Kirti Singh

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