Riding by horse, I came to offer you a sweet surprise,
Taking you by the riverside, I showed world to you,
With the pearls bracelet, I confessed love to you,
But you denied with a smiling face and no regret in eyes;
Standing silently with tears in my eyes,
My world shattered in a moment and bracelet broke in front of me,
The riverside turned desert for me and my dreams buried deep within.

But I knew I had to move out of my lagoon to dive into deeper oceans.
I knew I had to stand for myself making my worth felt.
The tears dropped have to be turned into overwhelming happiness.
Withering off my wings I should swing into my fame.
Making those clustered thoughts into a rhyme and sing my own song.
To make my own story, I have to rise.

So I worked harder and harder,
Making each and every moment worth,
Making every opportunity as a new insight,
Learning to achieve dream,
Enriching wisdom,
Turning my weakness into power.

But that was not enough, I had to push through slime,
To break those shields around me and be a warrior,
To make my heart fonder and merrier.
I have to stand up and fight my way.
This was just a start of new fairy story.

This time it won’t be Love Story because,
Princess is still a Queen without a Prince.
Queen is still a queen without a mansion.
She is now a CHAMPION.
With Brave heart and Magnificent glory.

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  • Very nicely written… amazing words that anybody can feel…


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