With the First light of Dawn

I could see her glaze

Dew on her cheeks & Love on her Face

Perhaps I have been in love with a Pen & Paper but she is the one where my Heart got Inked 

She is a soul, She is a Dreamer

And In my hard times, She is my Breather 

She Is not a Woman, She is The Woman 

Yes, She is....

Her Dreams are bigger than any goal

Her Soul can make you do Rock & Roll

She always smile yet broken inside 

Wrecks in her Teeth creates magic which makes me feel Alive

A mould of confusion while tying her hair

Putting a pencil inside those layers

Trying to settle her favourite list

Biting her lips and creating a mist

She’s magic without a wand

Garden without a land

She is simple yet complicated 

Abuses more than me still sophisticated 


She is the one, Yes She Is the one 

Not so rare but not for everyone


I dream for her every night

I wish to have someday her sight ! 


  • You create magic by merely using words! Love it Arya ?

    Richa Bhardwaj
  • ??
    Lucky women ?

    Nidhi Thakur
  • Akg , we are getting addicted by your words ..Superb work again .. can’t wait for the next one …….please publish more of such poems …looking forward to it .

  • Beautiful. Well written.

  • ?Keep Then Coming ?

  • This is truly above and beyond. Keep it up.

  • Beautiful lines.

  • Liked it. One can imagine the woman. Gives a good feel

    Nisha K P
  • The more you read,
    The more this women gets beautiful!

  • This is the height of women’s might coz it’s love at first sight…

  • Nice lines , good work again AKG

    Amit Dogra

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