Epitome of Yin-Yang (Girl turned into the Boy)

Keya Singh

The girl,
She was strong, fierce and rebellious,
Cause she had seen the phases of life,
But nobody knew that in her steel body lived a small girl, who wished " To be the boy of the family".
Little did she knew her wish will come true!

The dusk went into the chilly night when she turned 15,
The house was lit with music and felicity of youth,
But her eyes were glued to only person she wants beside her.
Fantasising and reminiscing, she fell asleep!
Little did she knew that her life was going to turn blue!

The day went by and she was all set to go out for a blast,
But the dizziness took over and she ran towards mother, only to faint in her arms,
That night the mother witnessed a marvel,
And next that Girl woke up to realise the terror.
The rooms were locked and the eyes were frozen.
Little did they know that its only gonna get messier.

She walked upto the mirror, to see a boy with the same features as her, standing in place of her,
"The wish" came true and now she was the "The Boy of the family", not just mentally but physically too.
Her emotions were all over the place and every thought was hitting too hard.
Little did she knew it was just a START.

Agonizing one second and getting excited about the new possibilities ahead - in another second, she fell asleep,
But woke with her previous form again.
Paranoid and whimsical about what's gonna happen next, she decided to live her 'double-edged' life.
Little did she knew there were thousand of censure lessons ahead.

Strolling on the streets in her new form and baggy clothes, with slender body and alluring features,
She discovered the pesky truth of life and the inevitable remorse.
She had different factions for day and night now.
She felt lively, riding the bike, drinking without shame, decisions seemed easy these days!
Little did she knew that every beautiful tale have a dark side to it.

Piece by piece she came across the daunting reality,
That the world is not so different for a 'Boy' and a 'Girl',
Her insides clenched hearing the story of a lil boy, who was raped and slaved in childhood,
Her mind dazed hearing to the irksome comments even in her another form,
Nausea took over when she got into her first brutul fight.
Little did she knew this was also an unfortunate phase for a few.

The dawn and the dusk became the major part of her life,
Achieving a few and missing out on other, her emotions were a roller coaster,
Agonizing on one hand and savouring her nature on the another, she wanted to end everything.
"This is not what i wanted" she said, while clutching per pillow filled with tears,
Every person flashed past in her eyes, drenching her to the core.
And thats when she finally WOKE UP.


  • Girl you are brave and amazing dear you did a fabulous job with your emotions and life ..

    You go girl you were a fighter you are fighter with wining every step ❤️❤️❤️

    You keep doing what’s makes you happy and best

  • really a award winning poem..!.. feel proud to have a friend like you.❣️❣️❣️ keep it up❣️😇

  • I knew it, you can do it. Can’t even tell how happy I am to see you here. Perfect writing as always.

    Karishma Chaudhary
  • Superb keya

  • While reading this one can feel the whole thought process, pain and love to get something…. A true “Masterpiece” yeah

    Praveen Chauhan
  • Superb !

  • Written so soulfully!
    So proud of you super girl! Keep it up.
    Always glad to see your poems.♥️

  • Nice! As always amazing work by an amazing person. 💛💛💛

    Shivam Zutshi
  • Ur poem is an inspiration👌👍

    Nivedita chauhan
  • Good one di👍🏻 Heart touching ❤️

  • Well written, girl. Super proud💛

  • So beautifully written 💖

  • So proud of you girl!

  • Great!!👍

  • Keya! That was an awesome poem! Really proud of you and your astounding thinking! Keep it up girl 😊


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