Mohit Sekhon

The emptiness that now dwells inside, when will it end..O faithfully departed,what will I do...with all the colors that you left....
The pierced heart bleeds only,O faithfully departed,what will I do...with the  memories that once belonged to you..
The fire that still burns, the air that breaths in vain,what will I do, ...with the flame charring your name..O Beloved..
The sound of your voice lingering,orchestrating,... promising lifeapart promises...,what will I do with such Symphonies ,with ears that has no tunes..
The sight of your beauty, the make up,the red lipstick, and those ever chasing brows..those teasing lips... what will I do,O Lady of my valley,..
now that I have lost my stars and moon
Whats left.. is an old barren dry land,plundered by your love, empty hallowing ...what will I do..O beloved,  till I wait quenching for you
All the glories,the victories, what will I do with them....what will I do,..my love...our love triumphed, and now ...reached its end.
Father said" Be a man and move on" , Mother warned about the  streets of love,"they are just delusions",.....What will I do..now ..The inner child is lost,ridiculed and hopelessly fallen...
The pain of your "Goodbyes ", never reached no ends,,my love never began...and there is nothing I pretend...

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  • These lines have lots of feelings…


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