By Abhidnya Bhave 

As the wind blew
and the dandelion petals flew, 
I only kept thinking
and could do nothing. 
There was rather something wrong with me, 
I kept thinking about it under the tamarind tree. 
I heard the birds chirping on it, 
and the little ones squealing as they fleet. 
I could see on the ground,the water spout, 
but this strange feeling, I couldn't figure it out. 
Then I saw, and noticed the birds happy with their offsprings, 
As they together, to fly, opened their wings. 
Then I realised,  the cause of this emptiness, 
Was nothing, but just loneliness 


  • Stupid poem. Not good at all. U will forever be empty n lonely . Do not write such dumb nonsense poem and publish on this site. Therr are people better than u who write better poems about important things, not like u writing about selfish things. Poem does not even rhyme n makes no sense just like your life. Bad poetry, not worthy of being on our site

    Viktor Nikiforov
  • This poem just brings out the fact that loneliness creates the emptiness and not vice versa. I think the poet himself is empty. I would like to let him know that his emptiness is infact an outcome of his isolation. Beautiful masterpiece! God bless you.

  • Thank you!

    Abhidnya Bhave
  • Nice work! Abhidnya

  • Nice lines and nice rhyme work. You cut a nice poem!

  • Brilliant !

    Gurjot singh
  • Thank you everyone! I’m glad :)

    Abhidnya Bhave
  • Really well written and wonderful poetry.

  • Nicely written. Beautiful expression and very rich vocabulary. Keep writing.

    Sachin Khandekar
  • Beautiful ! I felt it….

  • Amazing one…

  • Simple and clear….looking ahead for more from you….keep going.

    Abhijeet Mane
  • Simple and clear….looking ahead for more from you….keep going.

    Abhijeet Mane
  • Very nice
    Keep It up dear

    Arvind Bhagwat
  • So nicely put. The thing about loneliness is that you cannot describe it, though it is all consuming. You just expressed it so well.


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