By  Aahna Jain
A spider in the web-
finding it is easy. as easy
as meeting him always 
three blocks north and one turn left
the red house next to the peepal tree 
the doorbell rings  r i n g s  r  i  n  g  s.
as easy as freedom 
inside these bars 
on the other sides
even in the narrow godly slits 
I extend my hand 
against the poles I push p u s h  p  u  s  h. as easy as rummaging the red velvet dress 
my mother's gift 
in the small cottage among useless possessions I rake r a k e  r  a  k  e .
Peace like other spiders
is deep inside the tangles of my mind and other webs.
I know it's there exactly there
I want it I need it but
I try to reach out  o u t  o  u  t.


  • Awesome! Keep it up!

  • Beautiful use of imagery!

    Pragnya Paramita
  • Superb keep growing

    Shaveta jain
  • Amazing lines

  • Amazing thoughts beautifully written keep it up

    Anshul Jain
  • Amazing thoughts beautifully written keep it up

    Anshul Jain
  • A haunting delineation of the absence, and at the same time, subtle presence, of peace in our lives. Resonated with me at so many levels and would certainly stay with me for long.Loved the unsettling anxiety in the conclusion. Congratulations buddy!♥🤙

    Pranvi Jain
  • Outstanding…….keep writing

    Swati Mohan
  • Outstanding…….keep writing

    Swati Mohan
  • Brilliantly portrayed!! Amazing poem

    Kripi Singla
  • Beautifully written… 😍😍Excellent choice of words. Keep writing!!

    Suhani Kulshrestha
  • An intimate but relatable take on peace, an emotion which unsettles us more than any other. The use of metaphors, a distinguishing characteristic of your poems, is, again, beyond brilliant. The juxtaposition of the spider with peace took me by surprise, and the elusiveness associated with both is rather apt.
    Congratulations for being among the top ten at the tender age of 15,and of course, for the expectional writing style you’ve developed.😍😍🤘

  • Keep up the good work!!👍

    Aditi Jindal
  • Awesome.. 😍😍

    Anjali Jain
  • Right through the 💓

    Divij Jain
  • Superb… Keep it up

    Vibha jain
  • Amazing poem
    Well done.

    Raghav Gupta
  • Amazing poem 😍

    Drishti Sharma

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