El Roi

Shanice Castelino

So, little and tiny, empty and small,
vague and not happy at all.
I was found, a dreadful mess,
broken into pieces, you couldn’t even guess.

Yelling and shouting, my silent screams,
a deadman walking, having no dreams.

Abused and shoved,
smothered in the darkness, feeling unloved.

Questioning daily my worth, my purpose,
weighing myself, in a world that’s a circus.

My ass so fat, my face scarred,
pimples and dry skin,
no beauty, no glow, nothing at all.

Cursing and fighting, full of hate,
no money, no sense of fashion,
disgusted by myself, I was a sorry state.

My pot of gold, at the end of the rainbow,
when the closed doors stopped Him,
He slipped in through the window.

Like nectar flowed His words into my heart,
“You’re fearfully and wonderfully made”,
which was a great start!

He lavished me with gifts I’d seldom received,
an overwhelming joy, one cannot deceive.

Oh! So gently, He taught me self-love,
unraveling the mysteries,
sending solace from above.

I had found absolute bliss,
for long had I sought,
one who wouldn’t simplicity dismiss.

Kindness, virtue, grit and passion,
the power within He revealed,
exposed the vigorous being concealed.

I am the way I am,
for the world needs me.
If I fail to boldly pursue my destiny,
would there be another me?

Doesn’t matter if I’m in a closet,
or out on the street,
whether I’m torn between palettes,
or being discreet.

Deliberate and unique, He fashioned me,
so I work to make my world the best it can be.

Each morning, a delightful world I see,
in His eyes, I know the real me.

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