By Akshita Pareek
Last month, I turned eighteen
and it was different.
'You're not even going to feel it'.
But dear fellow,I did.
I felt like being seated in a waterfall;
flowing with an adrenaline rush,
gurgling with energy
and boasting of arrival
what now?
which way ahead
whom to follow?-
these questions, entangled with
the deceitful mist,
were floating ahead,unanswered.
In the beginning
it was so dark,
I wailed and longed for
the sweet days of sixteen-
dreamy,fragrant and carefree,
now,that seemed so easy
and this life,
it was squeezing me,
extracting all my strength 
like a lemon and leaving me 
to dry in the Sun.
The Sun, a reminder;
I didn't have it all figured out,
I didn't know what to do,
I didn't discover what my heart wanted
while others beamed in the sunshine
of what they'd become,
of the choices they'd made,
of the places they went to .
All of this,stung me
worse than a bee
but there wasn't any blood,
only tears of self-pity.
There were too many 'I can't's
when I saw an ' I can'.
Over the horizon
it sat gleaming
as if prying for attention.
I drew closer and seemed like an affair in making-
confidence invigorated the soul
like glitter on the ocean floor.
And now,it has kind of,dawned.
Life,alternated by better and bitter tastes,
will keep striking
but only if we hold those
hurdles like marshmallows
over the cup of coffee
we happily sip from,
we might manage to 
smile,laugh and shine 
like ourselves
turning eighteen isn't about
being an adult,
it's more about ourselves; 
the deep understanding
of the decisions we make.
Turning eighteen is 
getting married to ourselves
for a lifetime.


  • Beautiful! I always look up to turning 18. The metaphors are remarkable! Happy 18 btw!

    Arya Jade
  • The representation of thoughts in this poem were highlighted so aptly and one could relate it to a greater extent in this phase of life
    Looking forward to seeing more poems from a great poet like you

    Manan agarwal
  • Beautifully Expressed Akshita❤ Keep growing.

    Aditi Chauhan
  • Keep it up no doubt sky is the limit

    Excellent poem by young poet
  • It’s such a beautiful poem, i wish I could write like u 😍

    Muskan rathore

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