Dreams in my eyes

Punam M

Dreams in my eyes --

Dreams in the glittering eye!!
I begin the unknowable day
under the azure blue sky
With the zeal to not let the dreams die
Like a fluttering bird, I choose to fly
Humming around,
I aim to be a free spirit thereby
Free from the cages of mind,
no mountain appears so high
When dreams sparkle in the eye!!

Embracing the world at dawn
Forceful presence with the brightest hues,
the radiant sun
I wish to get soaked in its rays
And when it retires,
glance at the twilight always
Leaving trace of a beautiful painting everywhere
The sunset, I admire!!
I hope to explore each enchanting corner
Enriched with uniqueness from the yesteryear
I turn onto those roads
leading to such a paradise
With dreams in the expressive eyes!!

For numerous impactful goals,
that I set
I strive for the best
Conquering the inner fear
and walking miles with faith
I wish to create a success story,
be its architect
Believing in the mystic vibes,
I dream with the keen eyes!!

Tranquil, peaceful and a startling life,
I seek
The priceless times with the loved ones, I pick
Forever to hold dearly
Walk hand in hand and understand sincerely.
I adore simple and caring moments
Together sharing smiles to random tales
Being each other's strength,
the sweet place they occupy
I dream of this warmness
with the thoughtful eye!!

A surrounding where there is no apathy
Filled with compassion and empathy
I pray for such purity!!
To feel the suffering of one another
And work for the good rather
People with profound purpose
To rise in ethics as their onus!!
A world driven by progressive minds
I dream with the desiring eyes!!

Guided by the dreams to a destination, unknown
Though journey filled with ups and downs
Motivated to move forward and shine
Dreams are eternal!!
Like the feathers,
they make life more meaningful.
I wish
Deams in the glittering eyes!!

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