Dreams Far Far Away

Shruthi Sharma

Far Far away in a sparkly beach,
Tucked away in a warm ray of sunshine
Glistening through the tender hands
Waves washing by the shores of the bay
Touching the memories filled in my imagination….

I distinctly see you everyday,
Remembering the colour of your hair,
Fragrance of your chest,
Warmth of your hug and shackles of our bond
Hoping the dream to come true

As I look at the golden sunshine rays,
I can feel your hands brushing past my
Thin frizzly hair, that made me wish
Had the universe planned the timing right
Had we met earlier
Would the story be different as it is today?

The fear translates into a sense of adventure
The depth into a liberating freedom to be myself
And as I reflect on where we are
And all that is near and far
A chase in the past now feels like a walk
A maze, we unlocked 

I stop & stare , something I usually don't do 
But I cannot help when its you 
To kiss your forehead and let it all through
I am glad I came across you 

I wake up every morning when 
Sun hits my face early
I then lie back for an hour
Juggling between your memories and my dreams
Dreams that had caught me so deep
Wondering why you are so special
There were no answers to our bond
The bond which grew above and beyond
But whenever I see you, I feel a flutter
Flutter telling me to stay with you a little longer
But mind asking me to step back
I wish I could do something
But I don’t know in this stature
What keeps me alive in your thoughts
I wish things were very simple
But I believe its much more…

Dreams of you, push me to call you
But knowing the hurdles , I step back
Only to know that step back , brings us closer
Closer everyday than you think
Yet more special , although afar.


I do not know about future and I certainly 
Know that it wont be with you
But I still keep thinking, how
Different It would be if it were with you
And the Happy feeling it brings is so good to be true
I wonder sometimes why life is so cruel
Not meeting at the right time
But I am glad I saw you in my lifetime
For now I know what can make me happy
Being alive in your dreams
Just know that you mean a lot to me
And I just cannot explain what and how much
For I now understand the meaning of love at a distance
Seeing you happy makes me happy
But deep down my dreams make me still wonder….
How life would be different
If I could be with you 

If I could save you and our time
Our time in a pocket full of seashells and sand
I would cherish it everyday and 
Yet stay close to you as my desires
As we are more than love entails

Dreams come by wish-washing everyday
Seldom do I resist as I can foretell your stay
Realm of righteousness although embarks me
The gratitude spreads across every nostalgic thought
For who else can make my solitude a homely place
Although we have to part ways!

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