Dreams are Wings.

Mili Gupta

Dreams; The Harbinger of Growth & Positive Change!!
The bigger your dreams, broader and more vibrant the horizons
The ability to dream and realize dreams makes one tap the optimal
As it is the heart and soul of a dreamer
Permeates lives and the environment
Expanding it with zeal and enthusiasm
Let’s add hues of color to our dreams
Painting the canvas of life with all kinds of dreams!
Let the courage to dream matter rather than the vastness of the dream
Transcending own limitations; it’s just the dreams… propeller to a wholesome Life
One of joyfully treading on the path of purpose and fulfillment
Dream are dreams; the lighthouse, illuminating paths
With the Courage and Wisdom not to despair
Envisioning a brighter future
Filling ones being with unflagging hope and optimism
Amidst the if's and but's and the missing portions
Enabling happier, stronger people and societies
Let the passion and joy of dreaming never wither in self and others
Just like the Sunshine, peps up the dampened spirits
Revitalizing the course of our lives!!
The kind of dreams, an altruistic one stands out
Imbued with the radiance of creating value, contentment distinctly sets apart
Small or big dreams aligned to a larger goal, is what makes it worthwhile
Happiness and prosperity of one paving the way for others
Dreams being the gateway to transformation
Encompass others and inspire them too to have and build up the strength to Dream!
Let’s Dream Together!!


  • Beautifully written Mili.

  • Wonderful.. So Beautiful. Keep writing
    So proud of you Mili😍🎊🎉🎀

    Manisha Talukder
  • Beautifully written Mili ! Very engaging ..Flow is too good .Very nice read.

    Manisha Khare

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