Dreams are for who and what you cannot be

Priyanka Soam

Do you remember the time you dreamt of a highway taking you far away from home?

How the past fell behind with each mile you crossed and how each mile got you closer to the destiny full of life. Full of adventures, full of that sweet novelty that came through the window up to your nose and filled your box of 4 wheels with ecstasy.

We traveled together with me on the driver's seat and my head with several knots as that of a gnome.

Ah, I know you'll laugh right off because you know how little I know of driving and how much I dread the speeding cars and life.

For it scares me to run or drive fast, and why shouldn't it? I only have this life to celebrate with you.

Oh, I do believe in eternity and forever, but we won't be as alive as our nostrils are now filled with earthly joy, as our hair dashing on our faces to remind us of the wind talking and stalking us. As colorful as the wildflowers and as natural as you, weeds, the sweet alyssum, and trees.

Wasn't "life full of opportunities and full of light" your own heavy words you hallmarked on me? Holding my hand under a canopy of shaded leaves when I was too tired to move on.

I never got the gist of riding I guess and that's what you think right?
Maybe fear has engraved my soul with such depths that it rarely finds itself to get up and peek from behind the veil of a dream home. I know, I know, call me a coward but I'm so full of life that I'll swift your remarks in the fields crossing us by and by.

And you are free as a sparrow to ask away if I'm just inspired or am I really into it?

Well, I got it in my system from my dream last night.

Yes, the one with the greek gods and library full of angels, demons, and lessons of a lifetime.

You know it! My love and passion for scribblings through white wooden sheets; piles, and piles of it, stacked well in wooden stands opened from all sides.

Just so you can engulf them from your side of life- right, left, top, bottom, east, or west.

And, don't forget the charismatic part I played in my pale pink robes.
Fine, have a giggle first as you like then I'll continue.

Yes, yes, that's the one where I was in earnest praying with all might for the first time under Jesus's light.

For I held storms in my palms that night with the deeply condensed storm circling clouds in my eyes.

I prayed through and through, for what, I have no clue.

Then a sister came right at me, all clad in white, asking me all types of godly and holy rights and plays.
I still can feel it in my bones.
The same shiver my introvert self used to suffer through when a teacher asked me questions in chemistry

For my heart was drowned in literature and stories. I'm no Shakespeare but I sure am the character in his plays that loves drama, sword fights, moral lessons, and a bright lover's sight.

But don't worry friend, I somehow managed a wisp of wonder at her, yes that sister with a lightning aura about her.
And she beguiled me with a secret beauty.

And then suddenly I was running with the ends of my robe dangling from my fingers, loose and crisp.
Towards I ran to the greatest Greek play held amidst myriad souls

I know they thought of me as a god's messenger.
For my task was to whisper some spells in the ear of the protagonist

And, the moment I ended with a breath, the fight of good over evil got more clear.

The tragic hero got up, just awoken from hamartia, and saw the lightning dive.

The hero played his heroic deeds,
Like that of Achilles.

And I prayed again for the good in the world to be more frequent in its spree.

That night I thought of living with a deed and with a thriving gushed out poesy.

Again you're going to throw that smirk at me, oh I know I'm an atheist but it was only a dream.

And dreams are for who and what you cannot be.



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