Satinder Kaur Bamrah

Dreams are what we think,
Some dreams come true while some sink.
Everyone has a dream of their own
In which some dreams lost, while some won.

Once I had a dream at night
I was away from the world in site.
I could do whatever I want in life;
No human was there with social sharp knife.

There were lots of fairies and flowers
They flied, spread the voice of love and happiness together.
The wings that glitters and shines for love,
The smile that spread peace like a dove.

I was the queen of that land of pleasure,
And also a tiny little fairy.
I too have got the wings, which was my treasure.
Everything was to enjoy and nothing scary.

I ruled that land and always enjoy,
Cause I had beautiful nature for fun and joy.
There were fountains, flowers and beautiful trees;
And elves sleeping on the petals with bees.

I lived with them with full cheerness,
I thought that place was only for happiness.
But an evil fairy came to destroy the site
In that land suddenly I got some powers to fight.

I fought with all my strength and power I have earn,
But all the things were not getting done.
I did whatever i could get right,
But all the situation were getting tight.

The beautiful flowers were now fully dead
No fragrance, No presence and not even beautiful colors to shed.
I did all my best I could,
There was no way to stop that fight which was not good.

The leaves, flowers and fountains were now all dried;
Everything was broken and destroyment was wide.
She destroyed everything and left us with nothing
Only thing she left for my dear ones was whimpering.

I had lost all my strength and hope,
To save my land I couldn't find any scope.
Our beautiful land was now destroyed and broken;
I failed to save my land and my loved one.

She caught me, my people and my land,
There was no reason left and no magical wand.
All my faries, elves and I were in jail,
I was unable to understand how to escape without fail.

I realised that I must pray for more powers to our "Goddess Fairy".
That was the only way to get free from this evil fairy.
I started praying to her for my people and my land,
To help me get the strength to fight and my magical wand.

Then suddenly a white shining ray arrived,
It broke all the bars and reached by my side.
It gave me my magical wand and more strength to fight.
I had became more powerful to fight for the right.

The war between me and her had began,
I again fought for the right and our land to gain.
She tried to kill me but she failed everytime,
Atlast she lost and we won our land for lifetime.

Then suddenly I heard a sweet melodious voice;
It was from my mother and I opened my eyes.
I realised my dream of that wonderland was over,
I shared my dream with my mother of my magical power.

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