Don't take her for granted

Sona khajuria

You didn't appreciated her presence,
You called her your love,
She supposed, it as the purest love.
But it was per mood love.
When you were broken
She stood still to hold you up,
To embrace you in the warmth of her words.
She had her own boundaries,
Physically she was distantly far,
How treated her to be hypothetical.
But she was real... You didn't recognized her.
You were fallen in love with whom??
A girl full of beauty and charm,
But as soon you realized...she won't remain the same,
She's a girl full of flaws.
The very realization made by you to her,
Made deep scars...into her soul..into her heart.
But she never mind,
She remember well the golden words by Anne Frank...
Dead people recieve more flowers than the living ones,
Seems true as regret is greater than gratitude.
Hope one day you will miss her,
When she's gone.
You will regret the bitter and sharp edged would have thrown.
That pierced deep down her heart,
Mingled in her throat.
That her eyes with overflown,
The hypothetical love you have shown.
When no more your anger would survive,
And your hungry wrath hard to strive,
You will miss your punching bag,
That day you will appreciate her absence so bad.


  • Thank you for your kind words 😊

    Sona Khajuria
  • It’s something that like boomerang 🪃 that makes a person realize nothing comes on its own . It’s hard hit one

  • Thankyou so much buddy :)

    Sona khajuria
  • Awesome lines buddy…

    Keep it up

    Ketul mehta
  • Thankyou Arushi :)

    Sona khajuria
  • Anne Frank Words and that punching bag nailed it..:)

    Arushi Sharma
  • Thanku dear:)

    Sona khajuria
  • Ahan another master piece dear :)
    keep rising !


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