Don't snub, to hurt her

Arshi Alvi

If you think she is not your soulmate anymore,
If you struggle to find interest in her fables told,
If you want her for your needs alone.

Then you need to ponder more.

If you don't skip heartbeat when she’s sensuous,
If you don’t get trickle by her smitten smiles ,
If you don’t get lost in those twinkling eyes.

Then you need to get intrigued by your tweaks.

If you think she is not your dream come true,
If She is not your secret wish too,
If She is not your puzzled life’s clue.

Then you seriously need to think twice more.

Don't flip her wings to crash her flight ,
Don't cage her to break her might,
Don't deny equality to oppose her right.

Just give her space to breathe light.

She too wants a soft pat & hug some day,
She too looks to get pamper & snuggle up to stay,
She too wants to get cuddle & hear she’s joy of ray.

She too wants to rise & shine some day.

If you find her unwanted in your life,
If you want to unlove her for the faced strife ,
If you still unheard inner voice of your wife.

Then its time to introspect deep inside more.

Let her twirl to tune in magic of life
Let her spread wings of flight,
Let her swirl in music of chimes.

Because she too deserves to live her own life.


  • It was really heart touching…..Very nice and soulful..well done👍👍

    Afsha Khan
  • Thank you so much everyone for the kind words.

  • Beautiful poem, I loved reading it.

    Sabiha Ahmad
  • It touched my heart and soul.
    Keep writing !

  • A very sensitive and beautiful piece of writing!

    Samina Ahmad

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