Do I dare, again?

By Prachi Bhatia 

The stillness of the night, 
Instills a deep fear inside,
Nobody would ever understand, 
Plight of the soul that silently cried.
The scars and the lessons,
From the first time I tried,
Gnaw at my soul,
Like some deadly parasite.
I still dare to dream,
After all the distress and disquiet,
Battling my demons bravely,
Nothing could stop my stride.
Risk of losing myself and my life,
Holding onto my dreams tight,
Questioning the worth, worrying all night,
I know for sure giving up isn't right. 
The tranquility of the next morning, 
Would again soar my spirits so high,
Forgetting my struggles I'll disguise a smile, 
And begin a new day with a new vibe.


  • Thank you so much ❤

    Prachi Bhatia
  • I could relate to this poem. I have spend numerous nights going crazy in thoughts about my dreams. I personally call them my insomniac nights. Great share ?

    Joyce Job
  • The each n every line of this clearly reflects the beautiful nature of the writer. My inspiration.. my sister.. my essential.. keep moving ahead n enlightening others. Love you ❤️

    Naman Suroya

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