Did I Ever Tell You?

Mahek Shivnani

I saw you
Fate brought me something new, 
You were like sunshine in the rain, 
A ray of light between a hurricane. 
I met you, 
Felt like summer anew, 
You gave me hope too, 
Did I ever tell you? 
I liked you,
Didn't know if I've thought this through,
But liking you was good too, 
Did I ever tell you? 
Then I got to know you,
And got a new crew,
This is from my heart, 
You gave my life a brand new start, 
I hope you liked me too, 
Did I ever tell you? 
You lived your life with not a regret, 
And you were so set, 
I wished I could be like you, 
Did I ever tell you? 
I didn't tell you even if I could,
Instead I just smiled,and stood. 
But now I won't fret, 
Because I don't want a regret. 
So here goes nothing, 
You've always got me blushing,
Your laugh, your talks, 
Your very long jogs, 
Your looks, your name
Will really achieve fame. 
You're always on my mind,
You're like colour for the blind. 
I like you, I really do,
I wish I could tell you.
It's too late to. 
You're gone. 
You're hers. 


  • Don’t you have a boyfriend who is another guy?

  • Woooaaahhh it is amazing…

  • It’s so beautiful ….a very soothing poetry. …

    Ritika p
  • It’s beautiful, it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever read.

  • ?too heart breaking for it to be read a second time (in good faith)


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