Dear Love


Dear love,
I had been lost in the maze of grief,
Heart break was a song to my symphony,
Broken like a wine glass,
I was shattered on the dusty ground,
He had walked all over me,
Leaving me in pieces of ivory. 
Ivory I say, 
Cause I remember being strong and beautiful,
Carved to finesse,
Not owned by many. 
I was the wine the noble could afford,
He made me the poor man's beer,
A taste so watery. 
You found me somewhere,
Broken and in pain,
Scars of past,
Drawn like tatoos on my skin. 
Piece by piece,
You collected my pieces,
Handled me like I was a broken string of precious pearls,
You threaded your love,
Made my string,
Found me my worth,
Little by little. 
You guided me to light,
Through the tunnels in the maze of darkness,
I'm no longer a wine for the novelty,
But a precious taste,
Only one could know. 
I was a bird with broken wings,
You mend my wings with the faith in your heart,
You taught me how to fall again,
But soar like an eagle this time. 
Lonely had I walked through the paths of life,
Following him but never by his side,
But you held my hand,
Walked by my side,
Every fall of mine you were there to catch. 
He taught me a word,
Spelled it forever,
Never really could explain what it meant,
But you looked into my eyes,
And I found my meaning right there. 
My body was his filthy cloth,
He used, abused and left.
You made a temple out of what he had left,
Made me your prayer, 
And you recite it everyday. 
You did not guide me back to the shallows of my yesterday,
Not to the yesterday stained with his presence,
Not to the yesterday, I was a girl in blooming. 
He left a tattered girl,
A pile of broken stones of soul,
And you sculpted a woman out of it. 
A woman who can recite her rights,
A woman, whose eyes don't read fear.
You made me a woman,
Who wouldn't hide the cuts,
Who would make them an accessory to flaunt. 
My love,
You filled my heart with love,
Sympathy and care,
No hatred I see, no more,
You made me a whole,
I had lost hope to see.
The mirror now smiles back at me,
No more black flown down my cheeks. 
My gratitude is the love I have for you,
You didn't hold my yesterday,
But let's paint a tomorrow,
Together, till the eternity. 

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  • “ Ivory I say,
    Because I remember being strong and beautiful,
    Carved to finesse,
    Not owned by many. “
    Ah you got me where it really hurts ! Utterly beautiful !

    Shivika Katyal

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