Dear Diary

By Aparajita Mukherjee

 What is it that makes you feel so lonely,

But then you face the world so boldly!

It’s not someone who makes you feel this way,

But it’s you who chose to go that way,

You who avoided those who were loyal,

Chasing the popular, and that made you feel royal.

Blame not others! Yes they take not one side,

By the old rules, no one abides!

Be strong, be bold!

On ever situation, have a hold!

Hold so strong to bend things your way,

But remember this! Sadness is never the way.

So wipe those tears!

Be happy, be carefree!

Because no one cares who you’ll someday be,

Jump all hurdles,

Love thy self!

Coz tomorrow might never be! 

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  • Beautifully written.

    Vageshwari Nandini

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