Dear diary

By Devika Mathur

Dear diary,

(This stays between us about him.)


Your body.

it spreads under my own body.

duplex spiral grapevine.


Cherries under your foot,

A lament to recite,

day and night.

count and tell me the times I sank for you,

in you,

above you.


My voices tore away like a sunburn.

love blooms love with such endearment

A landscape of Oval sunset all in your palms.

this sky lives like poetry in your belly.

Where i come and sleep, to absorb the moisture of cold nights.

I bloom, like a lotus, near a windowsill to worship you,


i see you like vintage telephones in my surreal mind.

Rings of vacant loneliness has eaten me, desiccated me.

so i bury myself in your atmosphere of springs and springs.

Sequences are memories. An atom dissolves.


And I dissolve in you.



  • Irresistibly beautiful ❤️

    Riya Dua
  • Beautiful.

  • This is penned so beautiful. Like flowing water 💙🌼

    Hemangini Mandaliya
  • This is so beautiful

    Kritika Choudhary

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