Crimson (TW)

Subhiksha  V S 

Her hazel eyes were now wide open, and all she saw were drops of crimson on her tiled floor. The addiction was an escape from reality, a completely bare necessity but it left her sore.

It removed all that was toxic from her blood stream, gave her power to subdue her emotions, to feel in control when she looked at the gore. Closer to eternal sleep it brought her, closer to the adrenaline she longed for.

She screamed as the blade cut deeper into her skin, finally finding release from the hurt, she fell. As the curve of the metal gradually imprinted her soul, whispers of her past appeared in her thoughts as a spell.

The silent howls got louder, the desperate desire to be saved more banal. "Don't you worry darling, the first steps are the hardest," she finally heard her angel.

Dawn changed to dusk and wounds were now mere scars. But it wasn't just a story that remained unsaid, it was the beginning of a book, chapters about finally breaking out of the bars.

The opportunity had come knocking on her door, a chance to change fate, a chance to forestall her sorrow. Being selfish at last, she made her decision, only to ponder over the morrow.

"It is a matter of life and death, my love. I think it is time to choose." In gladness of all her angels, she finally wished to live, there was just too much to lose.

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