By Tanya Jain

Close your eyes, what do you see?
I see the world losing its niche!
Open them now, what do you feel?
I feel the terror, with no possible heal.
Ring up a call, what do you hear?
I hear the remedies to swipe away the fear.
Over a century, there has always been a blow!
Nerves are broken, hopes are low,
"All Might Die", are the thoughts that flow.
Let's try some remedies so that the effect don't grow!

Veal and Batmeat you wanted to eat?
It is now time to be served, with the nature's treat!
Refiners and masks and prayers might help.
Unstoppable virus will show us the hell!
So now is the time to protect our ownself,
Stay Home, Stay Safe, since it's the time to Repel!

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