"Dear Diary,

You know I don't like to be cold. Who does?

But that night, when I got into my favourite blanket,

I couldn't help but think of those with no cover from climate. 

An entirely different kind of cold washes over me. 

I lament how I can't help everybody,

and in that I end up helping nobody.

But diary, thank goodness you keep memories, and records, 

that once I had answers.

I flip your pages and find the day I watched 'Anand'.

Isn't this how Amitabh's Bhaskar felt? 

Isn't this how helplessness is spelt?

But didn't Anand know that? Didn't he try to help others anyway?

Not all at once, not all in one day.

But In bone numbing cold, he definitely made a promise of spring. 

What did he do? Just the next right thing.

Just the next right thing. "

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  • Amazing .. love it

    Dr bhakti sheth

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