Chosen to Dare

By Prajakta Kale

A well paid Nine to Five job,
Partying once a week,
And outing twice a year,
A perfect comfort zone: Cheers!
I dream something beyond this sweet boundary,
I have come to life and so wish to explore all and sundry.
I know I need to cross the less traveled path
There shall be criticisms
And an open invitation to wrath.
Between my dreams and societal expectations,
There shall be a continuous strife.
But I know for sure that dreams are not just fantasies,
Instead a true symbol of life!
My dreams have ignited fire with a powerful flare,
I have chosen to dare.
What people opine about me?
Ah! I simply don't care!


  • Wonderful. Your poem chimes with extraordinary.

    Madan Mohan Jha
  • Thanks a lot all of you for your valuable comments. It’s really encouraging for me.

    Prajakta Kale
  • very nice…..portrayed in very easily relatable manner….

    sheena chugh
  • Wonderful poem ……leave ur comfort zone ..ur dreams r waiting for u…

    Shilpa Mohan
  • Wonderful poem, Prajakta! I believe in you and your abilities. Go show the world how it’s done!

    Manasi Pimpley
  • Your poem reminds me the poem of Robert Frost where poet chose less traveled path.Bigger the struggle,bigger the success…….
    Keep it up dear…..

    Dr.Pradnya Deshmukh
  • Simply don’t care “Chosen to Dare”. Beautiful composition with real meaning and making sense to the current living style

    Agam Gupta
  • Short and crisp. Well written. Cheers, Prajakta!

    Chandrima Pramanick
  • superb… Very inspiring . . All the best to ur future advantageous life..

  • Superb darling…..Great going..

    Dr.Priyanka Sontakke
  • Very nice..Chosen to dare

    Sachin kolhe
  • Ultimately your Dreams are more important… A wonderful composition of determined thought. Well Done …proud of you.

    Vijaya Musande
  • Nice poem…
    Dare to move out of your comfort zone.

    Neha Deshmukh
  • Awesome poem…

    Arti Gange
  • Dare to win..
    Nice poem

  • Wonderful Prajakta


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