Change, It's Painful

A fun loving girl with lots of dreams
but a sudden change
which she couldn't adapt made her A failure.
A failure, whose parents hesitated to
accept it in front of others
trying to cover up the things.
In the process of making them happy
she was stuck in a loop
where she couldn't find an exit.
Couldn't express her anger
Couldn't argue, Couldn't fight back
Suppressed everything in her heart.
Anger expressed by way of tears
Sadness by way of smile
Grief by way of writing diary.
Kept on struggling to find one way or the other
But only left one option -to adapt to the change.
Change, its painful
But being stuck is more painful; she realised.
Trying to adapt to the change
She started hating everything
everything around her, everything including her.
Where she became her own enemy
Trying to hurt herself.
Not others but she couldn't forgive herself
for all that what she's doing.
Friends motivates, Family encourages.
But she wishes to erase the past
The part from where she need to adapt to the change
from where a fun loving girl became a fun topic.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'An Experience That Changed My Life'

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