Cerebral Mutiny

Meghna Singh

passion, perseverance, devotion
lie back in my rucksack
slumber, fear, fog & oblivion
i stuff them in each of my pockets

loving someone, not caring for them;
loathing someone, incessantly brainstorming
how would i ever be human?

heavy chest, lump in my throat;
will throw a fit, who needs to know?
a passing vehicle, a chore outdoors
manifests more fear than birds at a lion's roar

all humans, dead alike
make no difference in this way of life
i'd rather be a mime with a funny nose
than this bundle of latency refusing to crack

all this energy, brains & wisdom
are excruciatingly futile;
all i need is to reassure myself-
"you got this, i'm here"
instead i just push that thought away
receding to comfort of a chair

they say nobody's coming to save you,
you save yourself
truth is we need a customised manual;
for hunting a purpose in this gulf is exhausting,
costs you time, self & a soft skin

wake up every day craving a reason,
go to bed with a mind-fog circus
all i really want is a curious life,
let this be the beginning & the process

superficialities of life will never leave me be,
least i can do is haunt them with a purpose
tame them with wise hands;
give them no choice but to stay,
with me, for then I'll be a no-bargain

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