Call Out The Sirens

By Akhil Sachan

Call out the Sirens from their sleep now.
It's a festive season and semen filled balloons are already in air.
Call out the Sirens from their sleep now.
The world is a no good Odysseus, gone deaf to every wail of yours.
No matter how much you try to keep your feet above the bed, there's no escaping the monster sleeping on the other side of your bed.
Call out the Kali from her cage now,
Cause loving "mother"land is still called "pat"riotism.
I sit here unharmed, ashamed and disgusted,
Failing to comprehend the struggle or pain
But I was brought up by a warrior.
She wore no armour and went to no war.
But she battled every day and was triumphant every night.
I grew up with a warrior, taunted to be too mellow.
I have seen her kicking her bollywood fanatic stalker in nuts.
Work hard each day and night like Hephaestus.
I have learned from the warriors much what I know.
Believe me when I tell you,
You have no idea of dormancy, no realisation.
Once the Sirens come out of their wailing 
And set off singing bitter sweet melodies of this great tragedy,
You'll be lurching into oceans and they'll be tearing you apart.
Gauging your guts out, playing with your eyeballs.
Believe me when I tell you
Each one of them hosts a Kali within.
She'll butcher you alive and wear your skull around her neck.
All black, she'll wash her skin with your red.
Next time when you decide to breathe with your degenerated senses, beware!
They will gather round your graves and do a fire dance.
They'll fly out of water and pick you like insects on ground.
They are the Sirens, no sweet little mermaids
They are Kali, not your open fest.


  • Thank you everyone. Every comment, every criticism means a lot. <3

    Akhil Sachan
  • You depicted everything so clearly in these few lines.

  • I was planning to write something on these lines, but you said it all. This is something pretty great. Congratulations to you.
    Ps. It’s so good to see someone who loves Greek mythology, much like I do.

    Akanksha Chawla
  • Simply a great message with beautiful words

  • As always…..u wrote it so deep…that…..some of it ….i cant even get through…out of my reach…..still….best

  • Brilliant piece of work!
    May it Really work!

  • Urvashi, thanks a lot.

    Akhil Sachan
  • Bold, poignant and powerful. You unraveled the hell breaking out all over here. Dedicating one day to praise them is not enough. It’s nothing. They need to be respected irrespective of the time. Whether its festival season or new year club party. A woman deserves respect. Great piece. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Urvashi Shehra
  • If anyone wants to read the writer more, hit up on Instagram, @akhil.maya.sachan

    Akhil Sachan

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