Between The two Crests

Vishnushiri Shyamsaisundar

On the diverged paths, I stood immotile.
Heart disallowing the cruise killing passion;
Grey matter filled with trepidation of misstep.
Once the despot of life, now a puppet of indulging well-wishers
I stood amorphous, towed by innumerable strings.

Who am I now? “Ruins, what more?”… Echoed inside.
Evincing the negation of ruins,
The evincing voyage commenced.
Customised by ostensible judgements I was given plethora of incarnations.
Gradual withering by constant evincing
And anticipating judgements
I stood perplexed, losing me.

Am I flawed? “You think so?”…Echoed again.
My open book got drenched red.
“I am totally flawed” throbbed with no misbelief .
Became malleable and ductile for my aristocrats;
Apparently definite was I, but
I stood disguised, worked on by the self assumed craftsmen.

What was I? “You were you”….It genuinely echoed.
In the memories I stand bold and beautiful;
Sculpting selfhood as I sail.
Czar of the strings was I, disinclined to indulgence;
Undaunted by judgement was happy me.
I stood intrigued, unaware of the first misstep.

Who is the convict? “YOU”…The echo retorted.
With skepticism of future, I decelerated.
With the quest of solution I greased the indulgence of puppeteer.
With apprehension of judgements I stayed reticent.
With no introspection I gave in for patronisation and
I stood self destructed, displeased with the torment.


On the omega, I stand crowned head.
Manoeuvring my marionette as the heart desires.
Effacing apprehension, the certitude has suffused.
Immune is my heart for all the quibbles.
Walled against indulgence, I am composed.
Again the bold and beautiful despot of life I am.
I stand not as ruins, but as an embellished EMPIRE.


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