Meghna Dash

Awake! My girl from your dreams
You are a dreamer.
You are truthful and optimistic
You are good to everyone.
Yet they don't understand you.
You are delusional .
The world is not how you perceive,
You spoke truth and offended them.
They hate you, mistrust you, gossips on you.
You are too vulnerable and sweet.
This makes them perceive you are fake and weak.

You view world as utopia.
People as God, who understand you,
Society as logical who don't judge you,
Life as bed of roses .

Your friends, your lover, all are transient
They leave you, forget you, dissapoints you.
Life is unfair and unpredictable,
It's test you again and again.
Your reputation is not the real you,
You are much more than that.

You live in world,
Where the fittest one survive.
The liars, crooks, cheats lives and prosper.
Even the truthful and innocent ones get imprisioned,
people hate people, even for love.
Everyone loves money, power and sex.
They despise others for their guts
They judge and hate you .
If you are different.

Awake! Awake! Awake!
And take the driver's seat
Of your life and move on.
Learn from your experience.
Don't be a sycophant.
Be powerful and stubborn.
Get passionate to survive
To fulfil your life's purpose
Live your life, in your own terms
Without any hesitation and fear
Just be awake.

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