Aishwarya Dharan

Funny how your body stayed behind even when I lied to your soul
Your body which I devour every night lying on our bed
My source of pleasure
My cause of sadness.
When I'm on top of you thrusting myself deep inside of you
I sweat
I scream
I moan
I feel your heartbeat rise
Your body generates heat
And I could feel your fluids inside me which is now as dried and smelly as your 5-month old body.
"Are enjoying it honey?" I ask 
as I mourn in tears and orgasm over your expressionless face.
Your eyes look stunned
Too stunned by my orgasmic face, aren't you?
They'll never find us
They'll never understand us in this aura of mourning and moaning
Because this aura can't be found and understood by the unbeknownst, you see.
My attraction towards your body remains even after your soul has departed from Earth.
Honey, you must be enjoying it seeing me in this aura, aren't you?


  • Damn! That mixed feeling of every emotion tickeled down my spine.
    Way to go :)

  • Thanks everyone! :’)

    Aishwarya Dharan
  • Amazing. The last line is the perfect ending.

    Vineet Sharma
  • Dark, deep and beautiful! Loved it :)

    Jatin Narang
  • Lovely aura created…..

  • Thank you Gayatrisa! :)

    Aishwarya Dharan
  • “I feel your heartbeat ….” this lind is damn
    Loved te style of writing


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