Sakshi Kumar

I stand
In front of the mirror
All sixty inches of me
And stare
I stare meticulously
At what I see

I see skin
Holding together
Organs and muscles and bones
And extra fat
Layered and layered
And layered
Till it’s a being of it’s own

I see my skin
The shield, the cover
Stained and marked
to hold me

I see my feet
Darkening with time
Holding me on the ground
Yet rendering me baseless
I can see
The dry skin
Trying so much
To hold on
To cling to
The deepest dermis
Where it once planted its roots

I see my face
The new pimples
And once again
I think
Is birth really such
a wonderful thing

I stare for a while
And then turn around
Like I have been multiple times
Facing an audience was difficult
But facing myself
Always more

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