You take a goes straight to your nose,thorax,lungs satisfying every unsatisfactory part of you. It gives you a heavenly feeling, disconnects you from reality-you travel to a new world, the way you want it to be. A puff brings boundless, indefinable happiness, joy and solace.These inexplicable emotions can be experienced by chain smokers-the non smokers, I deeply regret as you think this act to be most unholy thing on Earth, or better universe.

Smoking is not just a habit, it's an addiction.You may want to quit but at any cost you will not be able to do so.A cigar offers you so much love and affection, it becomes so close with oneself that you can never imagine, leaving it behind.Smokers can feel this part-within a few days on getting addicted to smoking there is a bond sprung around the smoker and the cigar, which is certainly very strong and non-detachable .It (cigar) gives one company,when one is left all alone. It restores normalcy.The sedative impact of this addiction makes you forget the disgusting pasts, alleviating all the melancholy and unpleasantness.

"What does a cigar or a bottle of beer provide to humans?", people may ask except for the unbearable organ failure diseases. But people, I tell you, you never would know the pleasure and joyous feeling alcoholics-get out of this. All these addictions is a way of unleashing your distress.

Has anyone ever thought that ,"Why is it so hard to resist self-destructive urges?" Or "Why do you cave into such temptations on the first place and intentionally keep hurting yourself?"

It is true that it is self-destructive and a way of slow poisoning yet people do not abandon or resist themselves from these urges. It is because these urges provide them peace of mind. They get time for introspection of their distressful past-provides relief and above all induces fresh thoughts for a new start.

Humans, generally are subjected to very hard, tough,and disastrous parts of life.Some tend to overcome easily but some are stuck in the clutches of the hard times.When people are unable to unravel their sufferings,one ought to become taxed. They start feeling depressed, disoriented, dishonored, disappointed - so many dis'. One tend to develop the feeling of self-hatred. In order to escape from all these self-destructive feelings caused by hardships of life and the inability to digest the acts of betrayal of the dear and near ones, very close to your heart - People choose self destructive urges like smoking and alcoholism to gain temporary gaiety.

These hardships not only push you into these addictions but also the failure of your expectations make you feel drowned and disenchanted. You would expect something to happen but life is not a bed of roses.When one's expectations are not met out,one should be ready to accept the crude reality. Some people fail to take disappointments in lighter veins, which in turn starts devouring themselves in to frustration. These thoughts haunt people -people generally don't muster up the courage to confide or disclose their frustration to others, they might probably be an introvert in nature. And that's when these introverts take a drastic extreme step of choosing self-destructive means to overcome self-devouring feelings, resulting due to the fiasco of hopes!

Handling reality,(though it may appear fearsome or unpleasant) would be the best way to overcome this internal conflict.One must prepare their mind, tell their mind that this would also end.Penetrating the deep dark hole of distressed mind might appear to be an impossible ordeal and it is quite natural of anyone to refrain themselves being confronted from the UGLY REALITY.

However, if one learns DETACHMENT over WITHDRAWAL,it's possible for all of us to come out of this state of TRAUMA.Let us tell to ourselves that we are neither the first ones nor the last ones to have suffered such unexpected mishaps, and how we deal with it matters a lot as that is what takes all our courage to make a huge difference - better seems a lot EASIER PREACHING but a lot HARDER PRACTICING.

The ultimate solution,according to me is to learn TO FALL BEFORE YOU RISE.Falling teaches you the true PRICE of PAIN to RISE.There is no gain without pain.
DETACH TO ATTACH yourself to a superior ,supreme plane of EBULLIENT ENERGY that might surround and spread the gleam of positivity in and around you turning you into ,a MAGNIFICENT SELF.

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