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At the stroke of 9

Sampreeti K

It was almost 9pm, as Iva gazed at the glint of the moon light on the surface of the water and felt the warmth in the breeze, “So what next? what do I do if you are leaving me with my father who works with mafias and do illegal deals and he still is!” “Shhh!” said Sophie, “your father can’t know that you know the truth about his filthy business.” Hearing this tears rolled down her cheeks and she decided to move away.

After a couple of days when it was time for Sophie to move out from that house, Sophie takes a moment in private with Iva. As Iva follows her mother towards the study she felt a strong urge to stop her mom from letting her go away she felt solace and prudent around her parents. As they settled down Sophie with hesitation confronted Iva that she was gifted with the ability to read peoples mind by a witch which was gradually passed on to Iva, hearing this Iva was appalled she was tounge-tied, she asked “is that the reason why I am able to read others mind against my own will?” “Yes my child, now with this ability you are going to change your father into a better person and don’t fear I’m always there for you” it was no sooner that Iva said goodbye to her mom.

It was Iva’s 17th birthday, the clocked ticked 12 Iva in her father’s bedroom trying to read her was father’s mind, what she saw she was astouned she then stepped out of his room and could not stop thinking about what flashed her. Next morning she confronted her father and pleaded him to step back, but Ronnie being parched in thirst of money locked his own daughter. Hours passed but she was still locked in her room it was no sooner that she see the dealer, Iva reads his mind and gets to know that he was going to expose and execute him after cracking the deal. It was by god’s grace that a maid comes by and Iva bribes her to get her out of the house, but hapless Iva, Ronnie comes out for a smoke the maid distracts him by throwing a bottel on the car outside, taking this as an oppournity Iva sneeks out and calls her mom for help.

Iva waits until her home was filled with a bunch of people, then she sends an anonymous letter to her father telling him to come alone orelse the illegal deals will be exposed in the public, but the deal was done before he could recived the letter. Somehow it turned out that the papers he signed were fake! So the dealer sends one of his assistant to the car to check for the real papers. But as soon as the door is opend by the assistant the car catches fire and blasts off. As everyone runs to the car Iva see that the dealer drowned in sweat, as he tries to runaway Ronnie’s bodyguard who were given orders by Iva to catch him, soon he was taken out but no one noticed because of the chaos created, meanwhile Iva approached to her dad with the real deal papers along with the report which the dealer was going to submit to the cops as the act of self defense, But Ronnie asks ” how did you manage to get the real papers?” Iva adds that when the maid threw the bottle at the car it was apprently the dealer’s car, and when Ronnie unconsciously asked one of the janitor to to clean the mess, Iva tried to convince the janitor to steal the papers meanwhile her mom comes with the fake papers and convinced the janitor, then with the excuse of cleaning he slipped the fake ones in.

Sophie took now the big move and now apparently had the powers were in her hands, Ronnie had now no chance to escape but to sign the agreement that he wouldn’t carry out any of the illegal business, which was a victory for Iva,she also adds “with the illegal business you may have earned billions but didn’t earn your family, today if we weren’t here you almost got yourself killed!” Ronnie instantly regrets the decision he made and thanked Iva for making him understand what it means to be a family. At the end of the day as the clock ticked 9pm she again was reunited with her family under the dim light of the moon recollecting the old memories.

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