Astounding realm of Fantasy

Susmita Vadhavkar

In the thriving age of media,

How easy has it become to escape the mundane?

Man needs fantasy to keep him sane,

to escape the loneliness and pain.

Every time reeling in the predicament of adulthood,

Enclosed in the four walls of my room; I managed to zoom,

Into the diverse arenas of so many universes.

I flew across the enchanted lands

Of Arendelle and Andalasia.

I hovered alongside dragons and hippogriffs, & swam besides fishes, sponges and mermaids.

I squirmed at the wars of Westeros and cried at the death of the heroes.

I laughed gaily glued to the idiot box,

watching the eccentricities of the Brooklyn cops.

I discovered the joys of science while binging on pizza, as anything else on a Thursday night would be bazzinga.

At present on a thundering rainy night,

Alone & Curled in a blanket; I realised that it just took,

A cup of hot chocolate & a bunch of 6 friends in a purple room,

To feel at home again!

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