Another lonely day off!

By Divya Priyadarshni

Broken sounds even small.
Pieces are more scattered ,
Away from Far and farthest.
"Shattered" A little better to close!
Everything is around,
Galaxies ! moon ! stars !
Everyone is moving,
Day ! evening ! night !
The freak is just within,
Oh the biggest fuck !
To inside from outside.
To mean from pretend.
To people from moron.
To live from pass.
This slap of lonliness,
Swinging approx hell.
Hence, 1 more day is off ;
86400 seconds of my life gone.
Leaving again the pale breezes,
Scattering more the shattered pieces.


  • The best thing I came through in days :)

  • Thankyou Sneha and Aish for reflecting your charisma as well. This means a lot!

    Divya Priyadarshni
  • Divya it’s so deep yar…… I loved it divs… Keep up the great work… God bless n love you more ?

  • You expressed your thoughts beautifully in your poem.
    Keep writing :)


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