An Unadulterated Apology

Barely walking to make it home
And take you in my arms
Before the last cigarette lights out
Before the last minute fuzzes out
To tell you I was sorry. 
To tell you I was sorry, 
For the glass-dust I blew into your eyes
For the screaming on stormy nights
For the echoes you were made to hear
For the tiny cuts you had to bear. 
Unfair, life was, to me, 
Also, unfair, I was, to you. 
Your pretty hands nurtured
Unfailing attempts of love
In the soil, but I let the weed grow, 
I let the weed grow. 
How would you turn, 
Towards me, or away, 
If I took this second (and not waste another) 
To say that I was sorry?
Would you take my love to heal? 
What if I told you
That I was sorry,
Would you look once to see how
My hollow heart reverberates
In a purple glow
With hope of a lavender prose
Smeared with unadulterated hope? 
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'My Sincerest Apologies' 


  • Well written👏👏

  • Accepting one’s mistake is one of the daring thing that is done…Beautifull depiction😍

  • Touching.❣️

    Taruni Bajaj
  • Congratulations …

    Ricky Mawlong

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