An Hour Of Life

Two years, two years of being stuck at home,
like a caged bird set free into the sky,
to use its wings, to explore, see new places,
fly high and high. I, finally found a way out into this colourful world.
The hues of darkness I was in, turned into the shades of rainbow.
The sky welcomed me with its open arms, showered it's blessings through little drizzle and the soothing Zephyr.
The petrichor smelled heavenly,
the strangers, I believe not all are dangerous, 
they greeted me with a warm bright smile.
I took the city bus to the office
the droplets of rain on the window screen
making patterns to give a beautiful texture of liveliness,
the classical music on the headphones, 
the jhumkas to add more beauty
It's like a perfect way to travel,
no connection with the people around
only you and the nature.
I felt alive every moment, this day.
The stress of yesterdays seemed so small.
Life afterall is not a black coloured room
with no reach of light,
It is all about opening the doors to let them in.
The pain masked my eyes to see only the black coloured rainbow.
The world around helped me see the colours in my life.
Just in an hour.
I reached the office on time.
new people around welcomed me heartfully into their family.
Making me forget it's my first day to office.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Travelling' 

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