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An Abyss of Dreams

Sukanya Shukla

From the times of knights and warriors,
And the tales of kings and slaves.
The love I thought wouldn't find a way back,
Returned in the cloak of dreadful dreams.
Amidst the silver ashes of broken trust,
I woke up with another dream. 
"Ah Another one!", my old soul cried.
"She'll never let go.", the pale moon sighed. 
As I gathered the silver in my palms, a gust of wind blew them afar.
Alas! my cold heart didn't let me weep this time. 
So I borrowed another crimson autumn leaf from the grieving tree,
And I scribbled another verse about the dream that I had lost. 
My bones shivered and my words bled, 
I looked up and I saw my lost dream twinkling as a star.
As I saw the gleam of sun confiscating the sky, 
I knew I will dream again in a dark and silent night. 


  • Thank you Alankrita! 💖 :)

  • Very proud of u sukanya di!! This poem written by you is so damn amazing….u r great! Keep it up sukanya di! Very well written!!

  • Thank you Mama! :)

  • Very well written . Proud of u bitiya

  • Thank you so much Ayusha.?
    P.S. You’re a sweetheart.

  • This poem is fabulously written. Cheers! You have become an awesome poet :* :*

    Ayusha Paul
  • Thank you! :)

  • Every single word you’ve woven is fantabulous!
    Waking of dream is a wonderful feeling.
    “I will dream again in a dark and silent night.” Brave soul. Good job!

    Priti Yadav

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