Amante Quien Ama

Ekleen Kaur

The melody of thy heart 
Rising with the falling sun ,
dwindling  ambience of two souls into one 
For once she had him 
but now had none. 
All that survived were dieing images ,
falling echos of his chirping sound ,
she knew she had to leave him
as watchdogs turned into bloodhound .
flashbacks wane to qualm heartache ;
what once had been love ,
was now a memory  .
their grace had a perfect 
Path was invinsible ,
Thy charm irresistible                          
nobody could ever love like Theseus did ,
Even Raziel saw his Adamas glit.              
His purity hath no match other ,  
so believed his  friends and brother.
as pure as heavenly fire 
and none other 
The rule was simple and plain 
homage to deity Vesta the duplet claim  ;
Ingenue left him unrealised
Time winked and she learned,
thee dust to everything turned.
Your love a  poisonless venom ;
Just pationate too much ,
unsaid conundrum was it such .
thou optimist 
she a pissimist 
A disgrace to their caste 
listening to their whispering heart
well known to each , 
it was forbidden ;
hence ,committed sin was
always kept hidden .
Whispering drops encarved its surface 
recurred to them it was inevitable ; 
thee camaraderie a bete noire
Now  the harmonic was a murmuring choir .
Their story was a mistake
midway  of fear and animosity 
once stood a stalwart and a meek 
duplet of morosity .
Aura transformed 
Their poise reformed 
The melody was now a lame beat ,
spirits burning with unbearable coldheat.
Por favour me beloved ,
this cant end .
Even his last words 
had his body sent .
Adios my love was all that she could say,
nothing else came out as he replied nay ;
His Final kiss was painful than ever,
it was just in heart this time as they'll meet never .
for the sake of family 
Both wore a lamenting burden 
religion made them cross such a greavious hurdle.
Their love wasnt  temporary ,like people witness.
It was just they faltered ,
to have fitness . 
There sacrifice was a 
Hatred finally ended that strength in december  .
Once again alas , holier than thou proved itself right.
No one came who could have might.
The end was done with pious hands 
Lost somewhere they wandered  deserted lands.


  • So Happy for you. Keep up the good work ;)

    Samiksha Tiwari
  • So Happ for you. Keep up the good work ?

    Samiksha Tiwari

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