Alone In The Crowd

By Aish

I listen to the bell ring
They are here! 
Time put on the mask and fake a smile.. 
''Hello! Good to see you.. Come in! '' 
Meaning less banter
 On and on they go.. 
How much longer, I wonder! 
I have never felt more alone
Than when I am with these ''friends''
Who fails to see the real Me! 


  • Nice poem. Your poem is real and super relatable. Chances are many experiences what you feel.
    I’m glad you have a voice to express yourself.

  • Hey Rupali!!
    Thank you so much for your comment.

  • I like the way you’ve put down the truth on paper. Though there are people worth calling friends. I hope you find them real soon and write about them. ? Your writing smells of honesty!

    Rupali Gahlot

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