By Rupali Gahlot

The mind sleeps a restless sleep
Changing sides on aahs and oohs
Half awake, it keeps trying to sooth the self
With lullabies and the la la las

The music needs necessarily be loud
Lest it hear the bla bla blas
Of hypocrisy, of lies, of pretentious

And it should be safe from hearing
The dhak dhak dhak of a feelingless heart
But it's too loud
And does reach the mind as low dak ak ak k...

It disrupts the good numbing music
To make its existence a regular
Grrrrrrr of an old regular neglectful
Ceiling fan.


  • You have used onomatopoeia in your poem. This is not usual. Incredible work fellow poet. Keep up the good work. :)

    Navashree Nandini
  • Loneliness has its own music but sometimes it hurts too. Nice poem Rupali:-)

    Amit Prakash
  • Beautiful poem.. mind blowing!!!!

    Urvashi Gahlot
  • Lest it breaks you from within, being a loner has its perks. Lovely poem, Rupali.


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