All alone

supriya saiba

At night, I was under my blanket
And I made sure it covered my each and every body part.
It was almost midnight
I couldn’t close my eyes and was imagining
About the ghosts that in what shape they would be.
I questioned myself, “why these ghosts want to take me away and what I did to them?”.
I could barely sleep at three or four,
Then slowly I would sleep very tightly as if I’m no more.

I woke up very late in the morning and then I slowly rubbed my eyes
And I opened-
I saw no one in the house
Being alone, left me scary
I asked myself, “how can I walk around without any?”
Alas! I had to go for a meeting
Getting ready to go to bath
In the shower, I didn’t notice that I got sweats on my body
And it got mixed with water
For every move I made, it left me with bother
I was glancing around to verify that, “was any ghost staring at me?”.
Finally, I got readied and then I rushed out of my house immediately.

I reached my office
The branches of the neem tree extended inside the room
through the giant window
And I was paying attention at the meeting
All of a sudden, a grasshopper appeared on my white shirt
When I accidentally saw it
My eyes were wide open, my lips were half opened
And I held my breath for a second
I lost my consciousness in the meeting
Inside my body I made a big sound, Only I could hear.
I wanted to scream like I wish but unfortunately, I was around people
I flicked that grasshopper with my fingertips shakenly
At last the meeting had come to an end.

I reached home,
I slept unconsciously because I was tired.
The big spider that I’d ever seen before
Even on the discovery channel,
Slowly it was coming at my legs
I started breathing heavily
Aaahhh! Suddenly I woke up from that dreadful dream
And told myself, “Huh! Thank god, it was a dream not real”.

I slept again
This time, my bed was moving round and round as if I was sitting in a merry go round
Nobody was beside me
I could hear the whispers of the ghost
And was trying very hard to open my eyes and to see the ghost
I had no idea why I was not coming out of my horrible dream
Then I relaxed coz I didn’t get any clue

I woke up in the morning normally
And started thinking why I didn’t come out of the dream?
I examined that,
“I awakened suddenly when I saw the spider
But I didn’t awake when the ghost appeared, why?”
I’d gone nuts to know the distinction
After analyzing very hard, I finally got the difference between them

The difference was
First, I saw the spider which was a real fear
Second time, I saw the ghost which doesn’t even exist
Was a FAKE fear
I guided myself to not to give my mind any faulty visualization
And not to get frightened for the things I’ve never seen in real world

What about my real fears?
Well, everyone will laugh at you
Or neither they make us strong to get rid of them
But you have no idea
Those irrational fears could harm you in different ways
But nobody cares
I hope one day I overcome them for sure.

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